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Want to get involved?

The clubs and associations listed below are all under AUS and we encourage you to get to know and get involved with! 
If you are interested in getting involved, do not hesitate to email the club or follow their social media accounts for more information.



Laurier Model United Nations
IG: @laurier.mun


Mock Trial Laurier
IG: @mocktriallaurier


Anthropology Students Association
IG: @wlu_ansa

Association of Sussex at Laurier
IG: @sussex_laurier

Global Studies Student Association
IG: @wlu_gssa

English Student Association
IG: @esawlu

Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier
IG: @hercampuslaurier

2053_Moot Logo.png

Laurier Moot Court
IG: @lauriermoot

Communication Students' Association (CSA)
IG: @wlucsa

WLU Film Society
IG: @wlufilmsociety

Laurier Creative Writing Society
IG: @lcwswlu

AUS Hiring

AUS strives to give the Faculty of Arts students at WLU the opportunity to get involved in

extra-curricular activities!

We are currently hiring for our 2023-2024 executive team. Apply for our available positions:

Position Openings

 Executive VP: Works within the AUS Executive team in managing the internal operations of the club

  • Director of Clubs: Supports AUS-affiliated clubs with their operations and any other logistical needs 

VP of Marketing: Oversees all social media posts, physical flyers, and other marketing needs. Works closely with VP of Events in promoting upcoming events, as well as the VP of EDI and the VP of Philanthropy

  • Director of Social Media: Responsible for creating social media posts 

  • Director of Promotions: Responsible for creating physical flyers and posters which will be posted around campus

VP of Events: Plans all events for AUS including concourse booths, in person events, and the end of the year formal.

  • Director of Operations: Assists VP of Events in the logistics and planning of events. Roles vary from coordinating with external vendors, preparation of events, and set up and take down of events

VP of EDI: Responsible for equity, diversion, and inclusion. Responsible for providing awareness of special events which fall under these categories. Works closely with VP of Marketing to create posts and awareness on special events within this category
VP of Philanthropy: Responsible for working alongside the community in raising awareness for special causes and giving back to the community. Works closely with VP of Events in planning community focused events

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