AUS Grant Fund

What is the AUS Grant Fund?

The AUS Grant Fund Committee supports special projects that enhance student life. Any club or Arts Laurier Student can submit an application for funding to make their idea a reality.  The fund is financially supported by the Arts Undergraduate students at Wilfrid Laurier University.


To be eligible for funding, projects must provide increased opportunity for students to engage in activities leading to improved personal health & wellness, leadership development, cultural development; or provide increased opportunity for students to engage each other and their environment in a culture of learning outside of physical classroom space. 


Preference is given to events which create an impact on a significant number of undergraduate students on your campus. 

How to Apply:

STEP ONE: Get some support from your Arts Undergraduate Society. We’re here to help your applications shine. Reach out to any of these helpful folks if you need a hand.

Nicole Molina | President

Alexandra Shovlin | Grant Fund Director


STEP TWO: Submit a word document to with your Contact details, Project details, and Budget details all outlined at the bottom of the page.


STEP THREE: Provide us with a 250 word minimum of your project and how it will enhance student life. Are you working with other people or groups on this project? Let us know who they are. Include your proposed budget for the project, including all revenue and expenses, so we know how much you need from the AUS Grant Fund Committee to cover the costs. Also, tell us if you’ve applied for other sources of funding for your project. 

Is your project intended to occur multiple times? If so, how can it self-sustain itself over the continuing basis. The Grant Fund is a great way to help get your project off the ground.

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