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Our Mission and Values

Arts' Undergraduate Society is motivated to create a safe space for Arts' Students at Wilfrid Laurier University to get involved with school activities and to meet new people. We know how hard student life can get and we acknowledge the importance of maintaining good mental health and pushing for inclusivity so all students can have an amazing experience at WLU on top of their education. With our leadership, we hope to aid our students throughout the year with fun events and resources.

What do we do?

Arts' Undergraduate Society is the overarching central hub for student engagement in the Faculty of Arts. Currently supporting over twenty campus clubs, our student-led organization helps foster new initiatives and events to ensure that every Arts student has the opportunity to engage in their passions outside of the classroom. We achieve this through:

Special Initiative Funding

Campus Clubs

Program Associations

Speakers and Events

Undergraduate Arts Journal 

Academic Advocacy 

Social Innovation Project

Interdepartmental Communication


Meet our wonderful team!

AUS President

may 2022.jpg

VP of Finance & Administration

DCCA879A-63D6-4AC2-8F6A-A70FE8F50DB3 - Jessica Aspinall.jpeg

VP of
Clubs & Associations

7BC47D45-06F7-4CD1-9E34-5A9243997192 - Sabrina De Costa.jpg

VP of
Internal Affairs

830A995B-6185-4E0D-83B5-B7117664B124 - Kaileigh Morrison.jpeg

VP of Marketing


AVP of Marketing

Kyera Mah


VP of Events

0F12CEFE-1C4C-486B-9FD6-E9B1CF48FC4D - Salena Sharma.jpeg

AVP of Events

AD1D4180-600E-44D0-BA4D-C187A7BBD258 - Zoey Mujib.jpeg

VP of Outreach

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